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USA residents acceptedThere are few decent USA-facing sportsbooks to promote but the BetOnline Affiliate Program bucks that trend and certainly is worth pushing to Americans. As well as sports betting, they have excellent casino and poker products too.

BetOnline is an American friendly site that has no restrictions on the US states it accepts and is honest and trustworthy. That is why you will see the top webmasters in the USA betting space promoting this firm. The company also accepts all other nationalities.

You will find the BetOnline Affiliate Program at, which also promotes a few other related but more minor brands. The webmaster software behind their partner program is the well-known and respected Income Access. It can be trusted and has the best reporting of any system out there. Those of you who want to dig deep into the statistics of your referrals are able to do just that.

The default deal is revenue share and as with all these firms you may be able to negotiate a better commission than the advertised 20% revenue share starting point, though this does automatically rise to 35% according to volume anyway. So the more successful you are the bigger slice of the cake you get.

Otherwise to get a better revenue share deal than advertised you have to prove you can send them a regular stream of referrals. Don’t be put off by the apparently lowish rev share deal to start with or by the fact that there is negative rollover (that is when a loss from a month is carried forward to the next month). Firms in the American market face significantly stiffer payment processing fees and operating risks than those doing business in the calm but crowded regulated seas of Europe.

In addition there is simply less competition in the arena in which this company operates. We are struggling to find firms to praise in the US space. A lot of them are hard to trust. So to be perfectly honest you are likely to make far more money at their starter rate of 20% than some shady unreliable outfit at 30%. The reason for this is that BetOnline does the best job for its clients in terms of keeping the payouts flowing. So player retention is higher with this firm than many of its competitors.

As an alternative to revenue share, the BetOnline Affiliate Program website does state that CPA deals may be available by negotiation –  this is ‘cost per acquisition’ where you get paid a one-time fee for each referral. That is not something we have ever got involved with as revenue share is the way to build your business for the best long term profitability. It also demonstrates your ongoing commitment to a firm, after all this is a partnership. Nevertheless there are some respected webmasters who will try a firm out with a CPA deal for a period of months before swapping to revenue share. In our view it isn’t necessary to be that cautious when starting out with BetOnline.

We have found that affiliate commissions are paid within two weeks of the month end and there is rarely any need to chase these. Like many in the USA space they much prefer to pay affiliates by Bitcoin nowadays. You can easily convert this to fiat funds (ie: usd, euro or gbp) at an exchange if you wish..

BetOnline has some experienced affiliate managers who really know the business. Their email responsiveness is not quite at 100% but you can always contact them on Skype as well.

We have promoted this firm for a few years now and we are impressed with them. Our conversion rate from clicks to sign-ups is high. That tends to suggest their website is attractive and enticing to newcomers and it certainly looks like that to us. If we had to be picky then the conversion from those sign-ups to depositors is lower than we would expect, but not markedly so.

Your referred customers will find the software easy to use and the sports betting lines are almost always out earlier than the opposition. That is not a soundbite but rather a fact that we have noticed recurrently. The odds are competitive and the range of events is comprehensive. As there is a world-class online casino and poker there is little reason for your players to start looking for somewhere else to play. Because of the lack of competition in the US space there is less churn than in the UK for instance. This means your players will earn you more in the long run.

There is just one big problem with this affiliate program and it relates to their treatment of chargebacks, the burden of which ought to be shared according to your revenue share deal. So if one of your referred players charges back their credit card payments for the total amount of $1000 and you are on 30% rev share then you should be deducted 30% of the cost ie: $300. That is how all honest and sensible programs work. It is obviously the only fair and equitable way to treat this situation. You would think there could be no dispute about that? However this is the one blind spot with the otherwise excellent BetOnline affiliate program. They charge the affiliate 100% of the chargeback. It is an indefensible action, though they do try to defend it. No other affiliate program that we deal with charges the affiliate all of the chargeback. BetOnline need to change this policy as it is seriously putting off affiliates, including ourselves, from promoting them to the maximum.

Despite that major gripe about the treatment of charge backs, BetOnline is otherwise one of the best firms we recommend for your USA sportsbook traffic. We are obviously fairly happy with our relationship with the BetOnline Affiliate Program, but if you already have experience promoting them then please leave your own views and comments below.

Click to visit the BetOnline Affiliate Program

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does betonline have an affiliate poker program?

Yes, you can promote their poker too.

In the twilight zone that is the american online sports betting market this company is one of the stars. It offers a safe haven for webmasters wanting to promote a safe and reliable option. We have been paid our affiliate commission regular as clockwork by BetOnline & they keep the players playing. Can't complain.