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Ladbrokes’ Affiliate Program promotes one of the biggest bookmakers in the world. They have betting shops in every UK high street and a huge online betting website with sportbook, casino, poker, bingo, backgammon and games.

The website where webmasters can join up is called Ladbrokes Partners (previously called Score Affiliates). In 2013 Laddies moved from the excellent Income Access software, with great reporting, to Playtech’s abysmal Mexos platform. This crazy decision also coincided with a move from London-based affiliate managers to a team in Israel.

This mad move happened because of Ladbrokes’ link up with giant software company Playtech. The bookmaker appears to be copying what William Hill had done a few years earlier. Ironically William Hill saw the light in 2013 and migrated away from the hopeless Mexos affiliate platform and cut ties with Playtech in relation to their webmaster program and sportsbook section of the business.

It is such a shame to see Ladbrokes, a previously really well run program on trusted software be destroyed by such clueless upper management decisions. Many affiliates voiced their concerns about the move in advance – and now they are complaining at buggy software, lack of transparency with reports and hopeless Israel-based affiliate managers who don’t seem to care.

Anyway, moving on, the Ladbrokes’ revenue share commission structure for webmasters who refer players to them is as follows:

                   Number of Players       Commission
Level 1                 61+                                35%
Level 2                 21-60                            30%
Level 3                  1-20                             25%
Level 4                  0                                   15%

You get commission on the lifetime activity of all your referred clients but make sure you refer at least one depositing player each month to ensure you get at least 25% of the losses all your players accrue.

If you have referred 1000 players to Ladbrokes but one month you fail to refer a single player then you only get 15% of the losses of those 1000 players. This term exists to ensure that you keep on promoting them. But when you are a big affiliate you will be able to negotiate out of this, but by that time you won’t need to as you will be referring so many customers you wont be caught out by this tiering.

There is criticism by some in the industry of the tiered system that appears to penalise new struggling affiliates, who arguably need the most help. Our view is that this is a big step forward on the set-up they used to have and if you refer just one client in a month you are on that respectable 25% share of your referred customers’ losses at least. However we do accept the argument that it penalises new-start webmasters and so really does Ladbrokes no favours.

The firm rewards multi-channel activity. This means that if you refer a client to sports betting you get paid when that client accrues losses in the casino or poker too. So you get paid on a client’s complete activity. Although this is good, it is standard practice with the better betting affiliate programs and you should avoid any programs that are single channel (such as Paddy Power).

There is no negative rollover. That means if you have a bad month because your players win and it shows as a negative commission then this loss does not eat into your future monthly earnings. It is zeroed at the month’s end. This is a very positive state of affairs for webmasters – not all betting companies zero negatives at the end of a month. Many do carry over a loss to the next month (such as the otherwise excellent Bet365).

It goes without saying that US players can not bet at Ladbrokes, but it is worth noting that this affiliate program will not accept webmasters from the USA either, which is an unusual condition.

With a fab brand name and major public recognition, they are not a hard sell to the general public and conversions, for us anyway, have been good. The only issue is the trustworthiness of the Mexos affiliate software. The lack of available reporting detail does nothing to allay some webmaster’s fears.

So should you join the Ladbrokes Affiliate Program? Yes, they are a major worldwide brand that is known by everyone in the UK and a fair number of people beyond those shores. This high recognition helps conversions because players are quicker to join a trusted name that they already know. If you promote to Great Britain or Europe then signing up with Ladbrokes Partners needs to be considered.

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 3 reviews
by Recent Webmaster on Ladbrokes Affiliate Program

I am quite new to Ladbrokes' affiliate program, but have found it good. I have sent them quite a few players and they have paid me quickly and without any bad incidents. The affiliate system they have is not as in-depth as most I have seen, but they have been adding functionality even since I have been promoting them. If you are targeting the UK in any way at all you kind of have to promote Ladbrokes, dont you?

by Michael Weeks on Ladbrokes Affiliate Program

I was about to join the Ladbrokes affiliate programme as it sounds very good, when I read this clause in the terms and conditions:
"6.9. You shall not:
.....6.9.13. directly or indirectly post, serve, distribute or redirect any advertisements or promotional content promoting or otherwise advertising or marketing the Website(s) (including, without limitation, banners, campaigns and promotional material) to any person or entity located in the Excluded Territories; or

6.9.14. make the Partner Site or any Links accessible at any time by any person or entity located in the Excluded Territories."

There are about 20 'Excluded Territories' including USA and several other important European countries. Firstly, I don't know how to exclude traffic from those countries, secondly I don't want to because it will reduce my visits by about 50% ! Surely it is Ladbrokes responsibility to block that traffic, not mine.

Good point

by Gambling Webmaster on Ladbrokes Affiliate Program

I would have given Ladbrokes Partners five stars before they migrated away from Income Access and to the horrible "new" system, that is so inferior to IA. AMs not as good, reports are rubbish but the tracking seems to work ok.