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BlacklistedSkyBet’s affiliate program was officially closed at the end of September 2017. However this was a lie and a scam as they do still use affiliate partners, just not 99% of them. SkyBet closed the program and stole millions when they retained the referred players and stopped paying out on them.

The top 1% of their affiliates are still promoting them in return for compensation and a CPA. Of course 99% of affiliates were robbed. Court actions are being initiated, including by the owners of this site.

The story goes back to 2015 when this affiliate program changed its terms retrospectively to punish smaller affiliates. They would only pay 5% if you failed to refer six or more depositing players in a month. This was against their own affiliate terms and conditions, but SkyBet don’t let matters of contract law, honesty or integrity get in the way when they are conning affiliates out of money.

Many larger affiliates kept promoting SkyBet as they knew they could provide the six FTDs per month. However in hindsight, a warning shot had been fired by dishonest SkyBet, owned by the untrustworthy and despicably CVC Capital Partners. The writing was on the wall that a much bigger money grab was in the pipeline.

If you or I walk into a supermarket and steal items then we are quite rightly facing the potential for jail time. Think of CVC Partners and their brand SkyBet, who stole millions from affiliates and expect to get away with this heist. This was theft of bank robbery proportions.

Sky tried to pin their crime on ‘regulatory pressure.’ They enlisted some of their own websites to blacken the name of affiliates, claiming Twitter tipsters deliberately tipped losers. However the irony is that they are still working with the biggest of the Twitter tipsters. All bookmakers’ websites offer analysis and tips on sporting events, mainly suggesting losers and SkyBet are certainly guilty of that hypocrisy. Their smokescreen of ‘regulatory pressure’ is fooling nobody – it is merely a CVC Capital scam.

This is a story that is far from over.

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by SkyBet Crooks Scam Affiliates on skybet affiliate program

They closed SkyBet affiliate program and stole thousands of players from our company. Hanging would be too good for CVC Capital Partners, the scum owners of SkyBet. Doing business of any sort with CVC Capital? Don't.