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The Stan James Affiliate Program competes favourably with its peers for larger webmasters. They offer competitive revenue share deals, they pay fast and they look after your clients.

A quick word of warning before you read on – this is not a program for a small affiliate. They have closed some less active affiliate accounts, which is not something we approve of as there is precious little overhead to maintaining a relationship with a smaller partner.

In May 2014 they garnered a lot of criticism for closing webmaster accounts that were still referring players to them. If you can not guarantee say 15 registrations a month for this bookmaker from the very start then it may be best that you do not promote them. They seem only to want the larger partners. The problem is all large affiliates started as tiddlers. So it is uncertain where their big affiliates of the future are going to come from if they are severing relationships with the ‘slow burners’.

Stan James are a company themselves that started from scratch – with one betting shop in the UK. They built it into a chain and were then not slow to embrace the internet. They have always had a great reputation in the UK both with punters and within the trade itself, as they are providers of betting odds to other independent bookmakers.

Their business is all about the online environment now. They are licensed out of Gibraltar and offer players a wide range of sports betting odds as well as the mandatory casino and poker products.

This is the deal they offer, and it compares well with all the other top firms, such as Betfred:

Sportsbook Commission (Net Revenue Per Month):
£0 – £9,999               = 25%
£10,000 – £19,999   = 30%
£20,000+                  = 35%

Casino and Mobile Casino Commission:
25% Flat Revenue Share

Poker Commission:
25% Flat Revenue Share

They pay multi-channel, meaning webmasters do get commission on every bit of betting activity their referred clients make. The cookie is a few weeks long (not a cheating session cookie or anything like that) and they have several affiliate managers.

Payments tend to be paid around the 20th of every month and every conceivable method of payment is available. The affiliate software is a white label Income Access system, again like so many other top programs.

This is a firm with a good name and well worth promoting for large affiliates only, particularly if you target market includes the UK, where Stan James is well known as so would prove a good converter of clients.

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by Joseph Buchdahl on Stan James Affiliate Program

If you're a new affiliate, don't bother joining. The above review says it all. As a loyal partner for nearly 10 years I sent them in the region of £500,000 revenue. Counts for nothing. If you check their UK Ltd company reports you will find that this company has been losing money since 2011. Perhaps that explains the cost cutting measures. If you're a punter with a view to becoming a winning one, don't both joining them, you will quickly have your account closed (mine was after 17 bets). If you still work with them, compare your earnings with that of a big player like Bet365, and consider slowly sending the traffic that way instead, since unless you have more traffic than itself (Alexa rank currently about 62,000) ultimately I suspect that they will seek to take away your earnings without warning.