Bet365 Affiliate Program

UPDATE: The Bet365 Affiliate Program has suspended and / or closed many affiliate accounts, especially those of smaller webmasters. So if you are not already promoting them then there is no point joining them at the moment. We will update this information as the situation develops. If you have experienced their attitude u-turn and want to leave your opinion then please do so at the bottom of this page. The review below was written prior to their change of character.

The Bet365 Affiliate Program is almost certainly the most popular in the UK and probably across Europe in general. The last 12 years has seen the rise and rise of the Stoke-based firm (yes they do own the Premier League football club), and it is little wonder.

Here are the key points that make them so good:

  • They have state of the art proprietary affiliate software. Some have complained they find it a little strange, but actually, as seasoned affiliates ourselves, we appreciate it as one of the best systems. The range and breadth of banners and options is impressive. They could add more transparency to the stats though, so that affiliates could dig into individual players’ activity as is possible on some systems. The more statistical analysis that is made available then the more some affiliates will trust that everything is above board. For ourselves, we know this is the most honest betting firm of all facing the UK market. Also we have heavy reservations about some of the software that is not proprietary. Income Access and NetRefer tend to be the systems of choice across the industry, and there is no doubt that both make it incredibly easy for operators to trigger hidden deductions and illegal shaving.
  • Bet365 offers affiliates a flat and reasonable 30% commission across the board on all their sports, poker, casino (playtech software), bingo and games offerings. It is very hard for even the bigger established affiliates to go much over this 30% mark. Bet365 know they offer the best program, so they hold their ground. Which would you prefer, 30% from an honest firm or 40% from a rogue?
  • They make more per player for webmasters than any other UK-facing online bookmaker. That is based on our own affiliate figures for the last 15 years of promotion. The reason for this is their honesty when dealing with affiliates. There are no devious hidden deductions (as exist with the despicable Paddy Power, who use NetRefer software, for example) or similar criminal shaving. Players do not get detagged (removed) secretly and Bet365 are happy to pay tens of thousands of pounds, euros or dollars a month to an affiliate. Your earnings never hit some invisible barrier, as they do elsewhere.
  • Player retention is better at Bet365 than other firms. When you refer a customer they are more likely to stick with Bet365 than if you send that person to another firm. Certainly churn rate is fairly high in the saturated UK market, so this is a significant point.
  • If you promote this company you will be promoting a firm with more markets and better customer service levels than any other. After all, you do want your referred players looked after well don’t you? Then they will come back for more.
  • The Stoke-based affiliate managers are keen to help without being pushy. You do not get the insulting second-hand car salesman tactics so loved by the third-rate affiliate programs that tend to base themselves in Israel (shout out to Winner and 888). At Bet365 they are always helpful and will answer any query about the statistics. Unlike many of their rivals, they do not simply palm you off.  It is little wonder they consistently land the title of ‘affiliate program of the year.’ Having said that, the awards junket should be taken with a pinch of salt. There is a lot of back-slapping, self-congratulation and cronyism among the same old faces. Abysmal programs have won awards simply because it was their turn or because they were sponsors. Paddy Power won affiliate program of the year one time, enough said.

Here are the negatives of the Bet365 Affiliate Program:

  • There is negative rollover. So if your players actually win during a particular month then that negative is reduced from your future earnings. They are not the only firm to have this term, but there are plenty of companies without it. If you did have a horrible month with them and felt it was no longer worth promoting them because the negative was too great to overcome in the short term then talk to their affiliate team. They won’t want to lose you if you are sending players and they should come to some arrangement.
  • The other hassle is that you must refer five depositing players before you can receive an affiliate payment. Some affiliates find this an outrage, but really it just protects Bet365 against abuse of their system and even if it takes several months or more to get those five players, you are still building up earnings in the meantime. This is not a term to be worried about and it should not put you off promoting them.
  • Because of the saturation of the UK market, referral rates to clicks are much lower nowadays than they were 10 years ago across the entire industry. We have found this is particularly bad for Bet365 because they have had years of intense saturation advertising. Their own marketing is everywhere: TV, football grounds, horse racing. While this has helped turn them into a brand that is trusted (a good thing for referrals) it does make conversions on the low side.

Our Bet365 Affiliate Program Review Verdict

Overall this is possibly the best online betting company anywhere in the universe for player experience. It is certainly the best of them facing the UK market. If you want to promote to the UK then you must join the award-winning Bet365 Affiliate Program, despite the negative rollover term and the low conversion rates. The fact they earn more for you from each player than any of their rivals and that they are wholly honest with the affiliate statistics makes up for this.

They do not run a sub-affiliate program, so the following link is not an affiliate link and is not profiting from this review. We are satisfied affiliates of theirs and let us hope it stays that way, because at the moment none of their rivals makes anywhere near as much appeal and we do earn the largest slice of our affiliate revenue from Bet365.

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Bet365 Affiliate Program
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 22 reviews
by shipon on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Hello Sir! Is there any update in bet365affiliate? I would like to get an affiliate in Bet365.

As far as we are aware, they are not taking on new affiliates. Contact them direct using details on their affiliate site.

by Hanifsd on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Is there any update in Bet365 Affiliate? They locked my account without explanation. Now I would like to open another account. What is new update sir?

Bet365 are only allowing a few affiliates to promote them. They have closed most affiliates, but continue to pay them and allow them access to their affiliate accounts. Given this is the case, it would be a bad idea to join them again. If you are owed money on your suspended account you need to contact them and ask what is happening with your suspended account and find out why it is still suspended.

by Horizonstar on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 Affiliates has basically removed 80% of its affiliate base. It has wanted to remove affiliates for some time, much like SkyBet wanted to and now can use the terms of regulatory compliance as an excuse. Another blow to the affiliate industry and lack of protection for affiliates. Unfortunately this goes to show that affiliates for gaming is a dying business. Big big shame. Do not use Bet365 Affiliates.

by Giovanni on Bet365 Affiliate Program

llevo mas de 2 meses sin poder cobrar mis comisiones y no em responden mas de 3 correos electrónicos ya no em dejan entrar ami plataforma de affiliados esta muy extraño todo esto. alguien lo padece que tal si unimos fuerzas a ver si nos solucionan algo ?

This is a translation, courtesy of google translate: "I have been more than 2 months without being able to charge my commissions and they do not respond to more than 3 emails. I am not allowed to enter my affiliate platform. This is very strange all this. Does someone suffer from it if we join forces to see if they solve something?"

by Brian S on Bet365 Affiliate Program

I have been an affiliate for well over 8 years and all of a sudden, they locked me out of my account with no explanation and no responses to my numerous emails. I have been locked out for 3 weeks now. If they were pulling the plug on affiliates (I always followed their Ts&Cs), why would they do it in this unprofessional manner? They also owe me quite a bit for October which they have withheld without explanation also. So unprofessional not to even acknowledge emails or send out an explanation to loyal affiliates that worked hard to send traffic like me for years. Very frustrating. Last year at this time, they would have gotten a 5-star rating. Right now, however, it's awful.

Yes, they have handled these compliance issues abysmally.

by Tahsinove on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Is there anyone who can help me to get approval on bet365 affiliate program?

They are not accepting new affiliates just at the moment while they sort out 'compliance' issues with their existing ones.

by SangTae on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 randomly locked my account. I send e-mail, but I have no answer.

Yes, they are cracking down on compliance issues with some accounts being suspended. They will reopen it for you, but the stance they are taking at the moment seems a bit over the top.

by Sassy on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Hi - So based on you review I have just applied to Bet365 as I need some sportsbook picture ads for my website. But I just wanted to hear from you guys which affliate programmes to join if I wanted easy to do, cut and paste Banner picture ads.  I've joined dunder and intertops but so far the only company I have been able to work with is fable casino which isn't the sportsbook ads I originally wanted and now my blog is so littered with the same ads I fear it will hurt conversion rates. I tried the Help sections but the answers were too loaded with jargon. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

You can pick up banner ads from any affiliate program very easily. You do not want to be putting loads of banners on your website. That is very 1998, looks bad and it won't help with conversions or the serps. You need to produce good, well written and unique text to make money from affiliate marketing.

by David on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 affiliate is a kind of son of a bitch. A ridiculous site. I've many users created with my referral link. You'll get commission only once and then the next time your balance will show negative. When I've no any kind of responsibilities for users lose or win bets, why they cut my commission from the turnover of bet365 betting. Everybody should aware for the site and don't waste your time.

David, we have merged your two comments into one, as they were similar in content. Bet365 does have negative rollover as you should have been fully aware when you joined. So you do have responsibility regarding your players wins or losses. Bet365 does not pay on turnover - Pinnacle is the only firm we know of that does that. You need to read the terms of a program before joining. Bet365 is the best affiliate program in the UK market by a mile. We suggest you bear with it and wait until the negative is gone. You can also speak to your affiliate manager to see if there is anything they can do to keep you promoting them. But we advise you are polite because just complaining about the terms and conditions to him will not get you anywhere. If your negative is huge and you have shown you send lots of players, they might find a workaround. Otherwise just wait until it all comes good again, which if you have enough players it surely will.

by Minas on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Hello, I'm new in the industry and I found this interesting "Bet365 offers affiliates a flat and reasonable 30% commission across the board on all their sports, poker, casino (playtech software), bingo and games offerings." My only question is about the fees and the charges. From the 30% commission, how much is the net after all? Is there any formula to calculate it (the net commission)

There is no specific formula. If you read their terms they deduct all the usual, such as the taxes and bonuses given to players. What I can say is that it is our most profitable UK-facing program by a long way and a lot of other established webmasters report the same.

by Dale on Bet365 Affiliate Program

So Bet Placer signs up with Affiliate A's referral link (so this will earn Affiliate A 30% commision for life on this account). However, say that the Bet Placer then uses the "auto bet slip" links that Affiliate B posts on their "tipster page". Will Affiliate B still earn commission for these bets, or will the commission only go to Affiliate A? Hope that makes sense! Thanks!

Only Affiliate A will earn commission from the player. Affiliate A referred the player and that player is tagged to Affiliate A for life. There is no way any other affiliate links can interfere with that. The referral is tagged upon registration with the betting company. Anything he clicks after that is irrelevant. The tagging occurs when he opens his betting account after clicking Affiliate A's link.However if the player (Bet Placer) clicks Affiliuate A's link and then does not sign up with the betting company but later clicks Affiliate B's links, and only then signs up with the betting company, then the last affiliate link will be the beneficiary ie: Affiliate B gets the player for life.

by Nick on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Can you tell my why you rate Bet365 as the best program to join but you dont have it in your section of best betting affiliate programs

To be honest that is an omission and they should be in that list. They are the best for UK, albeit getting harder to convert because of their market saturation.

by Gene on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Hi, do you know if the affiliate program gives access to bet365 odds? In addition to getting the 30 percent commission, I think it would be very attractive for my website to show their odds real-time, but I've no idea how to do that, if they provide some way to do this. I have seen some other sites showing this info, so I was wondering how it can be accomplished

Thank you

You have to ask them for access to their XML feed which has the live odds. Then you need a very good programmer your end to sort it out. It is not straightforward. But a better way is just to take one of their live odds banners, which update with the odds in real time and you don't need to do anything except put it on your website.

by Ricky on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Great review thanks, with an enormous upturn of Tipsters on social media, using Bet365 as their affiliate partner, i tend to avoid these due to the Negative Rollover clause, surely this encourage Tipsters to tip out long shots hoping their army of followers take the bait and the tipster earns the 30% commission on all loses, especially if they have given out a winning slip previous and are in the negative. I think the whole affiliate program needs re-worked and the commission in Europe and UK need to take steady action against some of these fraudsters who are quite literally mugging people who believe they are genuine tipsters.

I think the tipsters can afford to be genuine as there is no way their tips will make money long term even if they try their hardest. They tend to tip too many selections for it ever to work. However maybe some are as cynical as you suggest.

by PG on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Not a review but a question humbly seeking your considered view. Is there a place in the Affiliate Gambling/Sportsbook (for new affiliates) space to simply arbitrage Sportsbook offers? E.G. Buy high CTR insteritials on Sports Apps sites/LadBible etc. (just 1 example) or do you feel its crucial to have an actual asset - i.e. a la oddschecker etc. Love to get your view. Thanks in advance!

Not sure I fully understand the question. You are either a gambler or an affiliate. If you want to arbitrage the sign up offers then you can do that without becoming an affiliate. An affiliate looking to use those links to somehow arbitrage would fall foul of the terms and very quickly get his affiliate account suspended. They look out for any sort of abuse or non-genuine use of an affiliate account. Really, do not do it. If you want to be a genuine affiliate then I do think it is essential to have either a website or a social media account to promote the bookmakers through.

by Tolis on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Hi, i have one question i'd like to ask. One of the negatives you mention is that you have to refer five depositing players before you can receive an affiliate payment but even like this you are building up earnings in the meantime. In what way you are building earnings in the meantime?

You are building up earnings on the first four referrals. You just get paid it all once the fifth referral occurs.

by Roy on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Hi, just letting you know it was sorted by them. The mini statement is a little confusing but they explained how it works. Bookies here in Australia do it a little different. It is a pity they have neg carry over. Bet365 have only been in Aust for a couple of years now. They did not make a great impression first off. Not sure if you have seen this clip. From our nightly current affairs tv show. Thanks for your help. Best of Luck

That is an interesting link to an interesting TV report. It suggests that Bet365 Australia is not managed anywhere near as well as in the UK. Hopefully the dishonest head of Bet365 Australia operation got fired and that punter got all his winnings. In the UK there has never been any integrity issues at all. In fact they have the reputation of being the most honest of all the bookies. $70k is absolute peanuts to them, so it does seem very strange this apparent rip-off of an Australian punter was allowed to happen.

by Roy on Bet365 Affiliate Program

thanks for your response, no my maths is fine, in the mini statement, it says Withdrawal To Date $1600 leaving a balance of $4550. I went to the form to request payment which also shows $4550 commission only. Been an affiliate for years, with bet365 only for short time, so I know it is strange. Have contacted them only today to Karl, on my 3rd aff. manager now, they keep leaving. Have not requested payment yet until I hear back from them. What do you think.

We have been an affiliate with them for over 10 years. Yes, best not to request payment until the confusion is sorted out. Bet365 will not deliberately stitch you up. They are, in our view, the best program out there and they are the ones we make most money with. They wont be in until Monday. If it is not sorted by Wednesday then give me your details on Thursday and I will contact my AM who is red hot.

by Roy on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Can you answer me this, I got my first commission check back in Jan 2014 for $1600 then next few months went into negative -$2850 in total. Then finally in December 2014 made approx. $7000 in commission. Bet365 then calculated my commission this way, they took the negative carry over ($2850) off the $7000 which I understand BUT then they also subtracted the previous commission I earnt of $1600 giving me a commission of $4550. Is this standard practice. I have emailed them but still waiting for a reply. Thanks.

This is not standard practice. Either you have made a mistake with the maths or they have. They are a very fair firm and I can guarantee the confusion will be cleared up. Have you even been paid for December yet? I doubt it given the current date.

by diverf1 on Bet365 Affiliate Program

Why I don’t trust bet365 any more. How bet365 get free traffic from affiliates

I worked with bet365 about 7 years. So players base growth permanently and becomes big. They pay something and I trust them. But now situation changed and I feel need to inform community about my issue.

In December 2013 my account get huge negative =something like previous year earnings. When I asked for information about what happens my manager Alex Smith inform me that some player wins a lot on beach volleyball and refuse (referred to some interning rules) my polite demands to give full information about his bets (I wanted to see it cause know that limits in beach volleyball is very small and this story was strange for me). I decide to continue my work and send traffic hopping my account will come out from negative, but … until the middle of July my account has same negative like in december. My players from losing all years before like everywhere becomes winning.

On my proposition pay me for my work (I think bet365 earns on margins and my players make huge turnovers) Alex Smith don’t answered at all ...

So the moral of this story is that until you are small aff. they will pay you but when you become bigger it is easy to stop pay and you will continue send traffic like me for free until understand situation and then lost your players base and several years of work for it making.

by golazo on Bet365 Affiliate Program

What if the rollover becomes more negative? Do i then owe Bet365?

No you never owe them anything. You just start the next month with a negative to catch up. So if the month ends -£100 commission due to you, the next month starts at -£100 commission. You never pay them. They only pay you.

by Experience Webmaster on Bet365 Affiliate Program
Bet365 are the best

Best AMs & they look after your players the best. The only blot is the negative rollover condition but this is a great affiliate program.