Betfred Affiliate Migration Bingo Stats Disaster Ignored By ActiveWins

It seems to have gone relatively unnoticed that the Betfred affiliate program’s migration from Income Access to Raven was, and remains, a disaster. Is it too strong to say the Betfred affiliate program has been ruined by the reporting errors on the bingo stats?

This affects more than just bingo affiliates as many sportsbook, casino and poker affiliates will have a large body of referred players who are playing bingo regularly. The bingo figures are deducting bonuses double (or possibly more) from the affiliate statistics. So for months since the migration in 2019 the bingo stats have, for many affiliates, been negative month after month. These wrongly generated negatives are then deducted from the figures for sports betting, poker and casino, thus massively and falsely reducing affiliate earnings.

Whenever contacted, the Activewins’ head of affiliates acknowledges the problem and says it is being dealt with and a fix is expected soon. Nearly a year later, nothing has been done.

There has been some strong evidence to suggest that bingo players have been de-tagged (removed) from affiliate accounts to massage the figures and hide the recurrent problem.

It would be a brave affiliate to promote Betfred in any way other than to protect the existing player base. New affiliates must avoid this program for the time being.

What Activewins needs to do is:

  1. Correct the issue with the bingo stats.
  2. Explain loud and clear to all affiliates what the problem was and that it has been corrected.
  3. Rework every month since the migration and pay the missing monies to affiliates.

Instead Activewins’ head of affiliates has been sweeping this issue under the carpet, all the time exacerbating the problem and making it harder for him to rewind and correct. This process is like slowly nailing this now badly-damaged affiliate program into a coffin.

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