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BlacklistedSTOP PRESS: August 2020, sure enough the BetUS affiliate program is opening up again, nine years after they stole from and cheated all their affiliates. Only idiots need apply.

BetUS is a betting company that faces the USA market. They had a BetUS Affiliate Program that used to be popular with their partners. But in May 2011 they sacked most of their affiliate managers and in July 2011 they closed the program entirely in order to scam the affiliates that had worked so hard to promote them.

This is the story of how BetUS lied, cheated and stole from their affiliates:

  1. First of all BetUS cancelled the tracking of USA players to affiliates. BetUS told affiliates they had left the USA market. If this were true then there would have been no need to stop tracking USA referrals as the very action of no longer accepting Americans would have been enough. It was the start of the scam, as BetUS did not stop taking Americans. They just pretended to in order to fly under the radar of the American authorities, notably the CIA. BetUS still accept Americans. They just wanted the ripped-off affiliates to tell everyone they don’t.
  2. Next, as well as removing USA tracking, BetUS then announced that they had removed their download casino and poker from their affiliate program with immediate effect. In one go, and without notice, those nice thieves at BetUS stole what should have been lifetime revenue commissions on those products from affiliates.
  3. While all this was happening they did not send a single email to affiliates to explain what they were doing. Communication was by telephone, and then only to some affiliates. This was obviously designed so that many affiliates, oblivious to the fact that BetUS had turned criminal, would continue to promote BetUS.
  4. BetUS removed the daily statistics that affiliates could see within their affiliate accounts. After all, if you are going to fiddle the figures then you need to remove the transparency of the statistics.
  5. Even in the good old days before they started cheating, BetUS were despicably slow to pay affiliates. No other program came anywhere near to how bad they were at parting with affiliate funds. They were consistently paying two months in arrears. Now BetUS appears to have stopped paying affiliates. The last payments received were for May 2011.
  6. Then after all the lies and shaving, they went and closed the affiliate program altogether. This was announced in an email sent to affiliates on July 4, 2011. The closure of the program meant BetUS stole affiliates’ entire client base. If BetUS ever re-open their affiliate program, do not trust them and do not get involved. They will lie, cheat, scam and steal from their players and affiliates all over again.

BetUS’s actions have been devious, crooked, corrupt and indefensible. This is a dishonest company that carries a serious health warning. Do not promote BetUS in the future and do not join BetUS as a player. BetUS has stolen affiliates’ money and can never be trusted again.

In addition there are mass allegations across the internet that BetUS scams its players in a multitude of ways. BetUS’s behavior towards affiliates reinforces that such a corrupt company would not think twice about conning and cheating its own player base. In fact the tidal wave of allegations maintain BetUS thinks long and hard about the best ways of deviously parting their players from their money.

Affiliates want their referred players to go to online betting companies that treat them fairly and honestly, that pay them when they cash-out and that offer fair odds. BetUS can not be relied upon to do any of those things.

BetUS has forgotten that the way to profit is by attracting ‘return custom’. The best way to make money, the only way to make money, in the betting industry is to get a reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness. These are words that BetUS has forgotten the meaning of.

BetUS may wake up one day and realize that they have alienated the entire affiliate community and that they have damaged their business beyond repair. The bad press about them all over the internet may encourage them to try to make amends for their dishonesty. However, it does not matter what BetUS does in the future. This episode has shown them to be morally corrupt thieves and that they can never be trusted with affiliates’ goodwill or players’ funds again. Affiliates will neither forgive nor forget.

BetUS is a company that hides in the Costa Rica shadows but a class-action legal challenge by affiliates merits serious consideration. In the meantime affiliates, the victims of this BetUS scam, and players across the web are praying for the day when BetUS does the world a favor and closes down for good. BetUS has brought the industry it was once a part of into disrepute.

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BetUS Affiliate Program
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BetUs Scam

They closed their program but beware if they open up again. These people are dishonest.