BetVictor Affiliate Program

Avoid BetVictorUPDATE: Do not join BetVictor. Their affiliate program has gone rogue, closing lots of affiliate accounts for smaller webmasters and stealing their referred customers in the process. Their emails are sometimes, rude and threatening. We would be incompetent if we made any recommendation for smaller affiliates to join this program. You will end up having your account closed by these scam artists. Even for existing affiliates, the statistics are very suspect nowadays. Avoid. Ignore the review below, which was written prior to BetVictor becoming so dishonest.

Another great company to promote to UK and European sports punters is the BetVictor Affiliate Program. With huge goodwill and brand awareness in the UK particularly, what used to be known as Victor Chandler is a must for webmasters.

Victor Chandler is now called BetVictor and we like the system the affiliate program uses, which is the white label Income Access software. This works well, is easy to use and updates daily. As you would expect, the VC program offers all manner of banners and promotional material to help you to help them. As well as sports betting, there is the mandatory online casino and poker product to promote.

Chandler has a reputation for accepting a hefty sports bet, so you have no worries about this firm limiting or annoying your referred clients by cutting back their bets. This is an issue at some big online bookies, who actually do not encourage the big players. They prefer to encourage purely recreational clients who lose small amounts in their droves. That is great but if you introduce a whale to Victor Chandler hopefully they will not have their nose put out of joint and will keep playing here whereas they may be driven away from some other firms.

We have done a fair amount of sports betting at their website and have been impressed by all aspects of it. They did not limit us down when we had a winning run (again, unlike some other firms) and they paid out very quickly. The website is intuitive and the whole set-up is designed to ensure your referred players keep coming back time and again.

The revenue share is set at a generous 30% across all products for the lifetime of each client’s activity and there is no negative carryover. They pay webmasters fast, usually before the 10th of the following month – and that is better than 95% of programs. We have found the managers at BetVictor Affiliates to be responsive and helpful to queries.

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BetVictor Affiliate Program
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by paul on BetVictor Affiliate Program

hi just wanted to know how the affiliated program works I understand that if I get a new customer to sign up you get paid but can u tell me about what happens when customers follow a betting tip link.

The same thing. The tipster is still using an affiliate link - even if it does not look like one - and that would get tracked to the tipster and he would get paid on the activity of all his referred clients.

by Daniel Sousby on BetVictor Affiliate Program

Hi There webmaster, victors affiliates have agreed to reinstate my account, so can you please delete my review from your site as its not longer relevant. So sorry to waste your time!

Interestingly they have done this after some bad publicity here and elsewhere, particularly on one of the major forums I note. They have been doing this to others, so I think your story is well worth hearing about, even if it did have a happy ending - for you, if not for every affiliate in your position. The moral may be, he who shouts loudest gets the best result.

by Daniel on BetVictor Affiliate Program
Closed my account without notice

I highly recommend you do not join Bet Victor affiliates! My account has been closed and all commissions withheld for this reason:

2.16 Continued Promotion

BetVictor reserve the right to adjust affiliate commissions and/or close accounts that are not continually and actively promoting BetVictor. BetVictor also reserves the right to close affiliates accounts and withhold initial commissions pertaining to affiliates that have not referred a minimum of one depositing player per calendar month; and/or accounts that are only linked to a single active player.

3.5 Inactive Accounts

BetVictor reserves the right to withhold commission and close any affiliate account deemed to be inactive for a period of 3 months or more. Decisions on inactivity are made at the discretion of the BetVictor Affiliates team but will be influenced by last login date, number of clicks, impressions and referrals.

I do not know how anyone could trust them when they treat their affiliates like this? IE: cutting them off without notice or trying to resolve things and withholding all future commissions from existing players.

Sorry to hear about your unhappy experience. It seems you are not the only one to have fallen foul of their new and ignorant anti-affiliate stance.

by MM on BetVictor Affiliate Program

They are all smiles until they choose to shut you down quoting the following highly predatory clause: BetVictor also reserves the right to close affiliates accounts and withhold initial commissions pertaining to affiliates that have not referred a minimum of one depositing player per calendar month.

They confirmed to me they can use that clause even if an affiliate has referred 1000 past new players. They are active in using it. I do not know why. It seems short sighted to me. Several webmaster forums I know have complaint threads about them. I dont believe myself that raping affiliates in order to pocket revenue share on already referred players from honest affiliates is optimal long term affiliate brand building strategy.

Looks a repeat of Stan James perhaps where short term thinking has dragged their affiliate reputation downwards. I did read on a forum SJ was rooted in financial difficulties they had. I have no idea if VC are also suffering losses or the likes behind the scenes.

Personally I could not recommend VC. Too risky. You can send them referrals for years then they will close your account and keep all rev share on your referred players for themselves. Not a good choice in my opinion if you prefer to invest time and effort in trustworthy operators.

Could be a recent shift of attitude from them after Michael Tabor bought out Victor Chandler himself. Under Victor reputation was an important thing. Who respects a bookie who welches for example? If Victor shook hands on a big bet his handshake was his word and honor. No reverting to weasel clauses. Long term reputation was all important.

Current affiliate moans may be a signal that the Tabor reign will be one more so of aggressive cash pinching and tramping on smaller affiliate operators who happen to go one month without a referral.

Those are fair points and I have read about this happening. It is a shame if they are ruining their own reputation just to shaft some small-time BetVictor affiliates. As you say, a very short-sighted scam and similar to Stan James, who have certainly lost the plot as far as affiliate marketing goes at the moment.

by Andy Weaver on BetVictor Affiliate Program
BetVictor Top Firm

A top firm. Converts great, pays quicker than anyone and retains the players I send there.