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BlacklistedWe have never promoted the Betway Affiliate Program because we have seen nothing but negative threads popping up on the forums over the years. The more we looked into them, the murkier the picture got.

There was a time a few years ago when affiliates were complaining that a lot of their referred accounts were getting suspended. The implication from Betway was that the players were all fraudsters. The suspicion was that Betway was using this device to remove valid referred accounts from counting towards the revenue share deals. The only thing for certain is that a high proportion of accounts being suspended is very unusual. So if Betway were not conning their affiliates, then they were running their business very badly. Either way, we decided to avoid them.

Since then a regular stream of complaints has been popping up, from issues such as active affiliate accounts being closed, not being paid and emails being ignored. There are a fair number, albeit dwindling, of honest firms you can promote to the UK and European markets, so we could read the warning signs and stayed on the sidelines with this brand.

They have also been associated with Buffalo Partners, Wagershare and the Palace Group. All these brands were untrustworthy and affiliate unfriendly. In addition there are reports of them treating players very badly. This is key because affiliates earn on repeat custom of referred players. You really don’t want to send any players to a firm that rips them off at worst and leaves them unhappy and looking for other options at best.

Here are some forum links (and there are plenty of others) if you need further convincing that this is a brand to swerve:

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betway affiliate program
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by No Way Betway on betway affiliate program

We did promote them. They are untrustworthy and don't give a stuff about affiliates. We have removed them from our websites and cut our losses, leaving behind quite a few players. Better that than throw good money after bad with this crowd.