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BlacklistedNote: Program Closed. Things have got even worse at the C-Planet Affiliate Program – they have now closed down and ripped off their affiliates. Time was when we warned about them because there were numerous allegations from solid, respected affiliates that they were dishonest. There were numerous threads about this issue on the affiliate forums (we provide the links to these below).

Those were the goody days. C-Planet has now closed down out of the blue, concocting some nonsense story about their affiliate program being hijacked. It appears they have done the ultimate betrayal and stolen all the referred players from its affiliates. Unfortunately all their dodgy online casinos are still running.

The brands C-Planet Affiliates offered were: Rushmore Casino, Cherry Red Casino, Slots Oasis, Euro City Casino, Pure Vegas Casino. The best known of these brands probably is Rushmore Casino. Licensed and based out of Cyprus and the Netherland Antilles.

It is worth noting that list because you don’t want to touch any of those destinations as a player. And if the C-Planet affiliate program ever reappears with the same or a different name it needs to be avoided like the plague (that they are to the internet).

Even before they conned their affiliates there were numerous warnings about the honesty of C-Planet going back some time. They were, at best, desperately slow to pay players and there was very strong (almost water-tight) proof that detagging of affiliate players had been going on. That is a crime that ought to be punishable by death.

Our view is that this is a company that should not to be allowed to trade, is a disgrace to the entire industry and should be de-licensed by its “regulatory” authority. There is no place for the type of corruption this bunch of scammers have perpetuate on affiliates and that they no doubt continue to perpetuate on players.

If you want to read more about the closure of the C-Planet affiliate program then this is a good link from an affiliate forum:

These are some older links to more detailed information on the alleged C-Planet scams, con, rip-off, call it what you will, against both players and affiliates prior to its ultimate betrayal and theft:

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