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BlacklistedUnfortunately the Coral Affiliate Program was moved to Israel from Gibraltar when the firm merged with Ladbrokes in 2017. In August 2017 the new management of Coral started to close active affiliate accounts by the thousand. We know one Coral affiliate who was earning circa 15,000 euros a year who had his account closed based on their ‘inactivity clause.’

The brands affected by this purge, as well as Coral, are Ladbrokes and Gala Bingo. All three are managed by the same chaotic, disorganised and untrustworthy team. The Coral founder Joe Coral was an honest guy and he will be turning in his grave to see how any sense of decency has been stripped from his name by the Ladbrokes Coral Group Plc.

New webmasters have no chance of making any money with the Coral program. It was run badly, but at least honestly, when based in Gibraltar but now it can not be trusted.

It is a sad fact that the level of dishonestly among all Israeli-based affiliate programs is horrendous. Fraud seems to be endemic in this business in that part of the world and we would advise affiliates to avoid all programs based there. That includes 888 and Winner to name just two others with abysmal reputations. Whenever affiliates raise the major problems relating to this specific issue, someone accuses them of racism. From this site’s perspective, that really could not be more wrong.

If you are a webmaster promoting Coral or Ladbrokes right now and you feel relieved to have avoided the cull, then think about this: we sent thousands of players to these brands, but our earnings have fallen off a cliff. The Ladbrokes affiliate program uses the Mexos software, a rudimentary piece of kit that derived from the days of Cpays, a renowned corrupt firm, and that was designed with every imaginable feature to shave the stats and steal from its partners.

Coral is currently still on Income Access, but that too is so easily manipulated with re-tagging of players as simple as a click or two. We had a Coral affiliate manager (when it was managed by a team in Gibraltar) manually re-tag a player to our account when we saw that a test account we opened did not track to us. Think how easy it is to do the opposite. The reason the test account we opened did not track to us is because the Coral affiliate team has a nasty bit of software they run before the stats even get loaded into Income Access to remove duplicate accounts. That’s the theory, but it is very aggressive and if you think you couldn’t buy a referral to Coral, then that ‘duplicate account software’ might be the cause.

Now you have the added concern that the Coral Affiliate Program is being overseen by people with immoral business practices. In their eyes affiliates are not partners, they are to be preyed upon. After all affiliates never fight back. Hopefully some of the talk about law cases against Ladbrokes Coral Group Plc is not just the usual horse manure that affiliates write on the forums. On past performance it does appear that affiliates are spineless – it has been all talk and no action for many years. However court cases do cost a lot of time and money, especially if you happened to lose and pay all costs.

Every way you look at Coral and Ladbrokes now, the news is dire for affiliates. Existing ones are likely to be shaved heavily and potential ones can’t possibly send their small amount of traffic to brands that are busy closing active affiliate accounts on the basis of an ‘inactivity clause.’ The only conclusion for these brands is to avoid them – and that advice goes for existing webmasters as well. You would be better to wave goodbye to your hundreds or thousands of referrals than keep referring while somehow having bad month after bad month in terms of revenue. The least you should do is bring the marketing of these firms down to subsistence levels.

Best Coral Affiliates Contact: The ‘Head of Affiliates’ for Ladbrokes Coral Group is Neil Zeff (contact him on Skype: neil.zeff).

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by Coral Affiliates Are Crooks on coral affiliate program

This affiliate program is deliberately ripping off webmasters. Sure, they have closed loads of affiliates but the Coral and Ladbrokes affiliate programs, all run by Neil Zeff in Israel, are shaving, cheating and stealing from webmasters. It is the same old crap from that neck of the woods. If you want to shaft your affiliates, move your program to Israel and get a crook to rig the stats, detag players and steal. When will these people end up in jail? Should be tomorrow but my guess is never. Avoid these total sheisters.

by Stephen B on coral affiliate program

Coral closed our affiliate account. We didn't refer lots of players. Just one or so a month. They closed it because of "inactivity" - which is wrong as it was active. Ironically they said we could open a new one. So they stole players and then suggested we open another account, which no doubt they would also close later on. A note to the Coral and Ladbrokes affiliate team - what you are doing is fraud and fraud is a crime punished with prison sentences.

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