Foxy Bingo Affiliate Program

BlacklistedIn January 2017 the Foxy Bingo Affiliate program closed with parent company GVC Holdings Plc stealing all players tagged to its affiliates. Then they announced that it would re-open on the ActiveWins platform. These guys would make good bank robbers and any affiliate who promotes them now needs a one-way ticket to a psychiatric ward.

Foxy Bingo was run by Cashcade Ltd, a company that was purchased by Bwin.Party Plc in 2009. They in turn were unfortunately bought by the unethical GVC Holdings Plc. This is not the first time GVC has behaved despicably towards affiliates as one of its brands, SportingBet, has a rotten reputation and Bwin had a much-publicised history of dishonesty towards webmasters. Certainly anyone who has been around in this business for a few years knew to avoid the crooks at Bwin entirely. However many webmasters had been actively promoting Foxy Bingo long before it and its parent company Cashcade ended up in GVC’s dishonest hands.

This is the text of the badly-written email that was sent to some affiliates one day before the program was terminated. Many of their partners, including ourselves, failed to receive this barely literate communiqué at all:

We are writing to inform you that as of Thursday 26th January [2017], the current Cashcade affiliate programme will be closing until further notice. We are in the process of moving the programme to a new platform. We’re excited about the future and hoping to relaunch the affiliate programme in a new system soon. We will update you with further information on the new Cashcade affiliate merchant. Keep a look out for more on the launch of the programme, coming up over the next couple of months. In the meantime, we would like to remind you that your licence to market Cashcade brands or make use of them in any other way will expire as of 26 January and we would like to respectfully ask you to remove all content which features such Cashcade brands from all properties and stop carrying out any further marketing. Continuing to do so shall amount to a breach of Cashcade’s IP rights and may result in formal action.

Not only did they steal all players, when the affiliate program had promised lifetime reward, they also followed up with the threat of legal action if promotional material was not removed. Obviously affiliates own their own reviews, and our suggestion is rather than removing them that you keep them and turn them negative to reflect the fact this brand can not be trusted. They will still figure well in the SERPS and send your website traffic. Just ensure it is all directed towards a more worthy alternative online bingo site.

This flagrant criminal behaviour by GVC Holdings is a breach of contract with its partners and daylight robbery. Now they plan to reopen the Foxy Bingo affiliate program on the Activewins platform (owned by Fred Done of Betfred), in which case they certainly should have performed a migration of the database to the new program. This is a contractual con trick that would never be ratified by a UK court. Some webmasters have discussed legal action and certainly they could gain financial recompense via that route.

It casts a dark shadow over Activewins if this firm is prepared to aid and abet a company as dishonest as GVC Holdings Plc in committing criminal theft from their affiliates. Our advice to all webmasters would be to steer well clear of all GVC / Cashcade / Bwin brands going forward.

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Foxy Bingo Affiliates
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 4 reviews
by Jack Foley on Foxy Bingo Affiliates

This is a complete disgrace, I've heard a legal case is brewing. I hope they get what's coming to them.

by Bingo Dave on Foxy Bingo Affiliates

GVC Holdings Plc are total scum, inflicting a scam like this on affiliates. If you went and held up your local bank you'd be doing 25 years in jail. What GVC have done with the Foxy Bingo affiliate program is just the same.

by Foxy Bingo Affiliate Theft on Foxy Bingo Affiliates

Foxy Bingo has stolen referred players that were sent in good faith that the contractual obligation for lifetime payment would be upheld. Opening the program once again turns this action into a criminal act.

by Foxy Bingo Webmaster on Foxy Bingo Affiliates

These are total crooks. We have been sending players for many years and they have been stolen from us against the initial terms of the agreement, which stated lifetime revenue share. If it had been anything else we would not have promoted them at all. Bwin.Party have history, but we promoted Foxy Bingo from long before the time Bwin bought Cashcade Limited.