How Affiliate Programs Work

You are rewarded by Cost Per Acquisition or Revenue Share

Betting Affiliate Programs pay you either a Cost Per Acquisition and / or a Revenue Share percentage for each client you introduce to them.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is when a betting company pays you a set sum for each client you refer to them (say $50 a referral).

Revenue Share is where you get a percentage of the losses of each client that you introduce. This percentage is usually set somewhere between 25%-30%. It can be higher if you are making the company seriously large amounts of money. And with “rev share” you get that commission for the lifetime of the client’s activity with that company.

Our advice is to always go with a Revenue Share deal. While a CPA deal is a quick way to earn, a revenue share deal will see you earning an awful lot more for an active client and earning long into the future. It is the best foundation for creating a proper betting affiliate business.

Some affiliate programs carry forward any negative at the end of the month. Most do not. That means if your clients actually won that month then you will not be paid for that month. The new month sees your balance start from zero again rather than the minus figure of the previous month.

Obviously, as an affiliate, you will never be required to pay back a negative (ie: when your clients win you are not out of pocket). There is no scenario where you can owe the betting company money. They can only owe you money. So promoting betting affiliate programs is risk free and the rewards can be significant.

The affiliate programs provide all manner of text links and animated banners for you to use to help advertise them on your website.

How your referred clients are tracked by the betting companies

If you are new to affiliate marketing then here is how it works. In its simplest form, you are given a unique URL to link to the website of the online betting company.

It may look something like https://www.thebettingcompanyyoupromote?1234 and you must use it for all the text links to that betting company from your website.

When a prospective client links to the betting site from your unique URL, a cookie tracks him. A cookie is a tiny text file that is stored in the background on your referred client’s computer. So when he clicks the link a unique cookie with your identifier in it downloads onto his PC. Cookies are used for all sorts of things, such as remembering your shopping cart contents when you are shopping at a website online. In fact most major sites you browse use cookies to track your progress around their site and they will disclose this fact in their privacy policy small print.

If your referred client joins the betting company usually anytime within 45-days of clicking your link then the cookie ensures that he is ‘tagged’ within their systems as having been introduced by you. From then on, for the lifetime of that client, you will receive 25% (or whatever the specific deal is) of the gross profit he generates for that betting company. The more clients you introduce, the more money you will make long term. Similarly, if you are paid by a CPA, then that same method ensures the client is tracked to you.

Affiliate reporting and statistics

Betting affiliate programs have comprehensive stats that you can see update on a daily basis. You are given a username and password to access their affiliate website interface and from there you can track the number of referrals you have made each day. You will see how many of these have deposited funds as well as what they have lost. The final column will show your running total of commission due for that month.

The reporting is reassuringly transparent for all the betting affiliate programs we recommend and you are better off sticking to our recommendations. You only want to refer clients to large, professional and trustworthy betting companies that will still be in business and paying you every month in 10 years time.

How betting affiliate programs will pay you

You will be paid monthly, almost always without the need for you to invoice the company. Normal methods of payment are the e-wallets Skrill (formerly moneybookers) and neteller or by bank wire or just maybe (if they are a bit old fashioned!) check. If they use carrier pigeon to deliver the check then I wouldn’t bother joining. The betting affiliate program will let you decide how you want to be paid and you enter your payment details within their affiliate system.

Betting affiliate programs do everything in their power to help you to send them clients. It is a great way to make a living and can be done part-time or full-time. You decide exactly when and how hard you want to work on your website(s). But never forget, the harder you work on it the luckier you will get!

What the hell do we know anyway?

We have been promoting betting companies, via their affiliate programs, since 2001. Before that we started one of the first UK online betting companies in 1998. When we sold out, we just concentrated on promoting online gambling instead. It is the perfect job for anyone who seeks the freedom of working for themselves but there is a huge learning curve, especially if you are doing it all yourself. We haven’t stopped learning and never will. The day we think we know it all is the day our revenues will start to shrink.

Have a read about some of the firms worth promoting on this website, and you must avoid the ones we tell you to. If we have blacklisted a firm then they really are dire because we will always give companies the benefit of the doubt – innocent until proven guilty.

Hopefully the information on this site will go some way to explaining how betting affiliate programs work, which to join and those to avoid. Please feel free to leave your own comments, we welcome the feedback.