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BlacklistedThe Paddy Power Affiliate Program promotes a growing betting company that, in 2016, merged with Betfair. Paddy Power has conquered the UK and has eyes set on international markets, including Australian and USA ambitions. However the affiliate program itself has some serious problems.

Paddy Partners makes inflated deductions, offers a compromised deal, adds secret negative changes to established arrangements and has a reputation for ignoring affiliate queries. The head of the affiliate department keeps his distance at all times and will not engage. Affiliates seem to be regarded as parasites, though there are reasons to think it is the Paddy Power affiliate program that takes advantage of its “partners.”

Forget Paddy Power’s ‘funny’ TV adverts and Paddy Partners’ regular marketing emails sent to affiliates to promote their enhanced odds offers, because behind the jocular image lies an affiliate-unfriendly program.

The main problems are:

  • The revenue share structure is uncompetitive and affiliates won’t get involved until this is changed. Currently the default commission set-up with Paddy Power Affiliates is single channel. That means if you refer someone to sports and he loses a bundle in the casino, you get nothing for that casino play. Only Paddy Power still persists with this rip-off. They seem to think you have to earn the right to multi-channel when every other competitor offers this as standard! Some affiliates are on cross-channel but that has to be very hard-bargained (if you can get them to reply at all).
  • The cookie is a session cookie. This means your referred client must sign-up with Paddy Power within the same browser session that he clicked your link. Otherwise you lose him. This probably loses 50% of all your referrals. The standard is for a 30-day cookie. A session cookie is a con and is indicative of the affiliate-unfriendly thought processes at work at Paddy Power.
  • Negative rollover & Contempt For Affiliates: We managed to negotiate a longer cookie time and also cross-channel promotion. However when we had a good month in terms of revenue generation they secretly imposed negative rollover on us. They claim they don’t impose this though their terms and conditions leaves it as an option to them. Given they only give 25% revenue share on sports this once again made them deeply uncompetitive. In addition they made the negative rollover change without informing us. We noticed it in the stats. The first email sent querying it was replied to by one of their affiliate managers and he just cut and pasted their terms and conditions about negative rollover as a response. As well as being plain rude, it was effectively telling us to drop dead. It also highlighted the sheer contempt they have for affiliates. When we spoke to a more senior member of their team we were told our sign-ups had dropped, which they had. We had still referred 12 sign-ups in the month they imposed this change and their affiliate manager had been busy falsely claiming on the forums that they only imposed negative rollover on “inactive accounts.”
  • They close live affiliate accounts: They do this on the basis of ‘inactivity’. This is absolutely no good for affiliates starting out. It means you can never get the ball rolling with them. Here is a forum thread (just one of many) about Paddy Power’s despicable behaviour.
  • Rip-Off Deductions: If you thought the problems above were bad then this is the worst of the lot, Paddy Power appears to make ridiculous deductions. If true then this is little more than theft of it’s affiliates’ funds. There have been a few brief occasions when the level of fees applied to the gross monies earned were published within their Netrefer affiliate system. There is an excellent post on the webmaster forum GPWA that neatly describes the huge level of the deception (it seems deductions could be as high as 86%). It does all fit in with the Paddy Power ethos of failing to work with their affiliates. This is what the well-known and respected poster TheGooner states on the GPWA thread in question:

Just to refresh minds – when someone reported that fees were being reported online – I did a quick pull of 12 months data (Jun 2014 to May 2015) in the short time it was available. This showed a gross revenue of 105,298 GBP, less fees and charges 90,067 to leave 15,231 net revenue. That’s right – fees and charges levied against the affiliate was a whopping 86% of the total profit!! I attempted to discuss with their affiliate team – but while I got some help on the shop floor (AM contact) that was ended when their “Head of Affiliates” emailed saying this was too time consuming and they had more important things to do. Clearly a discussion regarding the level of fees and exact nature of fees, and having transparency with their affiliate partners was not deemed a worthwhile task.

Our Paddy Power Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

It is very strange that a company that is so focused on marketing has lost the plot with one of the best and most valuable sources of advertising. It is a pity as Paddy Power has great sports, casino and poker products that webmasters would love to sell to their website traffic. Instead those webmasters are frequently voicing their concerns on the forums and stating they are not prepared to promote this company for all of the reasons highlighted in this review above.

Paddy Partners could solve the issues. They simply need to offer all of the following:

  • Cross-channel promotion.
  • No negative rollover.
  • No sneaky secret changes of terms behind an affiliate’s back.
  • A 30-day cookie.
  • Stop massively-inflated deductions.
  • Stop closing affiliate accounts.
  • Adopt honesty, integrity and a wholesale change of attitude.

The affiliate department ought to be pushing for these changes rather than defending their problems – for their own sake if not for anyone else’s. We won’t hold our breath.

As things stand, the Paddy Power Affiliate Program is untrustworthy and remains one to avoid. So this program has been blacklisted by because we do not think any new webmaster should join this program while it gives limited opportunity to prosper – your referrals would be best off going somewhere else.

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Paddy Power Affiliate Program
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 8 reviews
by Barry W on Paddy Power Affiliate Program

They closed our account after a couple of quiet months and despite the fact we had active clients generating money. It is pure theft. Do not consider promoting Paddy Power or Betfair. The same corrupt affiliate department manages both brands.

by Jim - Establishd Affiliate on Paddy Power Affiliate Program

The Paddy Power affiliates program is my joint worst program along with Betfair. These two programs clearly thieve from their affiliates with huge deductions and passing on the full bonus to the affiliate. I have also found them rude and uncooperative to deal with, basically they turned round and accused the lack of earnings to be due to my poor traffic rather than their poor program. Funny when I make a very good living out of this same traffic when sent to other programs! Avoid them like the plague and promote somebody else. I genuinely think they have contempt for their affiliates.

by Established Affiliate on Paddy Power Affiliate Program

I am amazed that affiliates on Twitter are still promoting the Paddy Power Affiliate program enhanced odds offers. Both this firm and their sister firm Betfair are impossible to make any money from, for the very reasons stated above. Some affiliates hammering home these enhanced odds offers on social media channels need their heads seeing to. They must like being poor and earning the equivalent of 14% rather than 30%+.

by Paddy Affiliate on Paddy Power Affiliate Program

They send email after email every day, all cheery and fun with all the BS about how many thousands of people are joining because of the latest great enhanced odds promo or whatever. Behind this nonsense is a firm that is ripping off their affiliates with mammoth levels of secret deductions.

by Irish Gambling on Paddy Power Affiliate Program

I fully agree with the sentiments expressed in this review. I have found them impossible to deal with despite even being a fellow Irish man. I just walked away to other better affiliate partners.

by Sharon Griffin on Paddy Power Affiliate Program

I have created a promo page for Paddy Powers latest offers do I need to link this to my Paddy Power account

You need to add your affiliate links to your site, so they are the links used when people click through from your site to Paddy Power. That is the only way to get them tracked to you.

by Pissed Off Australian Affiliate on Paddy Power Affiliate Program

Paddy Power now own the Australian betting website, they also purchased at the same time but have since closed that site, redirected all traffic and moved all betttors to It seems they simply stole all the referred clients to even though they moved them to That's plain thievery.

I've had numerous other issues with them as well, such as the session cookies resulting in shitty ratios, different free bet offers to different affiliates and the fact that you need to refer a certain amount of new clients each month in order to get paid at all.

Steer clear of Paddy Power and the SportsBet Australia affiliate program. They don't care about their affiliates and you'd be much better off promoting one of the many other affiliate programs out there who do care about one of their revenue sources, including replying to support tickets within a year.

by Experienced Webmaster on Paddy Power Affiliate Program
Bad Basic Terms

As you outlined, there are big issues with the basic terms of Paddy Partners. They give no incentive to promote this otherwise good bookmaker. You need to negotiate out of the standard deal or forget it.