Stan James Affiliate Program

NOTE: This program has now closed. The Stan James Affiliate Program had gone downhill under its former management, who closed a lot of partner accounts. It became an option solely for larger webmasters who had been promoting it for years, so had little choice if they valued their existing referred client base. This was not a program for small or new affiliates.

What caused all the problems – and bad press – was that in May 2014 Stan James closed a lot of webmaster accounts, both fairly inactive ones and some that were still referring players to them.  Closing less productive affiliate accounts is not something we approve of as there is precious little overhead to maintaining a relationship with a smaller partner. After all, large affiliates all start as tiddlers. So it was uncertain where their big affiliates of the future were going to come from by severing relationships with the ‘slow burners’.

They have since been bought by Unibet, a huge and fairly respectable public limited company, so we really do hope and anticipate that the sorry episode is now consigned to history. We have had some communication with the current head of affiliates, and he seems a reasonable guy.

The Stan James affiliate program is therefore considered by us to be worth chancing. If you are one of those affiliates who had their account closed under the old regime then you might like to contact the current affiliate team and see if you can reopen your account. We appreciate this may be easier said than done. There would be a few ramifications of opening a closed account: Will you get your player base back? Will you be paid past earnings? It could be a can of worms, but it would be worth having a non-acrimonious chat with the new management.

Looking further forward, our hunch is that the tarnished Stan James brand gets swallowed up by Unibet, when they get round to doing a migration. If that happened the Stan James name would disappear entirely.

The previous management did almost run this brand into the ground, closing player accounts and becoming too scared to take a bet. There may have been little improvement since the change of management. There are still reports, since the move to the Unibet stable, of even losing players having betting accounts closed. However our personal affiliate stats have picked up, which suggests players are managing to get bets on nowadays.

If we are looking for other positives, they do pay affiliates multi-channel, meaning webmasters do get commission on every bit of betting activity their referred clients make. The cookie is a few weeks long, so it is not a cheating session cookie.

Payments tend to be paid around the 20th of every month and several methods of payment is available. The affiliate software is a white label Income Access system, like so many other programs. However Income Access has been showing signs of being over-stretched and they themselves have been sold to a company called Paysafe that also owns the Neteller and Skrill ewallets. Paysafe doesn’t have a good reputation with affiliates.

We do continue to promote Stan James on our websites and we have been encouraged by the change of regime. They may be worth a try now that Unibet holds the reins. We welcome your feedback below.

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Stan James Affiliate Program
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by Stan James Affiliate Partner on Stan James Affiliate Program

Abysmal. The move to Unibet has not improved anything. They closed affiliate accounts, they still close player accounts non-stop. They will not take a bet, so what use are they to promote? Hopeless.

by Joseph Buchdahl on Stan James Affiliate Program

If you're a new affiliate, don't bother joining. The above review says it all. As a loyal partner for nearly 10 years I sent them in the region of £500,000 revenue. Counts for nothing. If you check their UK Ltd company reports you will find that this company has been losing money since 2011. Perhaps that explains the cost cutting measures. If you're a punter with a view to becoming a winning one, don't both joining them, you will quickly have your account closed (mine was after 17 bets). If you still work with them, compare your earnings with that of a big player like Bet365, and consider slowly sending the traffic that way instead, since unless you have more traffic than itself (Alexa rank currently about 62,000) ultimately I suspect that they will seek to take away your earnings without warning.