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Unibet scamUnibet is now reducing commission rates to 10% across all their brands if you fail to meet stringent quotas. This amounts to closing accounts and stealing referred players retrospectively. This is corrupt, criminal and daylight theft. This program has changed from an alright bunch of brands to outright rogue.

No new affiliates could possibly consider joining Kindred Affiliates, the name for the program that includes the Unibet brand. For one, they could never achieve the quotas from a standing start and secondly, who wants to promote a known dishonest program?

Their affiliate department, even before this, were always abysmal. They ignored all emails and failed to merge affiliate accounts when brands (like old Stan James players and 32Red) migrated to the Kindred affiliate platform. It meant some webmasters were managing three or four different affiliate accounts that met the quotas overall but not individually. Now they are automatically closing affiliate accounts. The Unibet affiliate program is not only crooked, their affiliate managers are incompetent and lazy as well.

Ignore the preview below until we have the chance to update it to reflect the new corrupt regime at Unibet, 32Red, Maria and all their rotten brands.

The Unibet affiliate program is an interesting one. This is a European site that appeals particularly to Scandinavia. They are partly UK based, but their brand recognition is quite low in Britain. Their marketing is certainly primarily towards Northern Europe.

They have a nicely designed site which is simple for players to use. While they cover all sports imaginable (except most notably for UK horse racing), they specialise in some sports a punter would struggle to find elsewhere. These are chiefly winter sports: skiing, bob slay and the sort of activities they just love in the cold extremes of northern Europe. This is hardly surprising as the firm was started by Swedes in the late 1990s. The company is now listed on the stock market.

There is also a really high-class online casino with live casino, download and instant play options and a poker section on a major network. Plus, there is a Skills Games section with things like Backgammon. In addition there is a mobile site. So apart from UK racing, they do offer everything any player could ever want.

Now for the key thing, the commissions: It is pretty standard revenue share from 20%-30% dependent on the turnover of your clients in the month. You can boost this higher still if you refer over 5 players a month and even more if you become a bigger affiliate, sending them over 50 players a month. In this latter case your commissions would go up to 40%, depending on turnover levels too. There is no negative rollover, so if your referred players have a good month then there is no need to panic. It will not affect the next month’s earnings.

Unibet is no minor operation, as they have five million plus registered users. The affiliate software they use is one of the best in Netrefer.

There is a clause that has appeared in their updated terms and conditions. It reads: “New Depositor means a new customer who has created a new Unibet player account, registering directly after have been led by his last click/refer from the Affiliate Site or Advertising Space to one of Unibet’s websites: a customer will be tagged to the last affiliate who referred him to Unibet;

What this seems to mean is that to refer a client they can not go away and do anything else and then come back and join. In that instance your client will not be tagged to you. All other firms work on 14-45 day cookies (except William Hill have a 3-day cookie), so generally a client will be tracked even if returning a few weeks after they clicked your affiliate link. This term means your referred client may not be tagged to you even a few minutes after they click your link – if they went and browsed somewhere else in between. There is no mention of how long a cookie lasts in the Unibet terms and conditions. In fact, strangely, the word ‘cookie’ does not appear at all.

Our inspection of the affiliate cookie is that it does actually last 14 days (currently) and it is not the instant ‘session cookie’ that their clause suggests.

This has understandably put some affiliates off Unibet and on the basis of this term we have to advise some caution. Our fear is that when a company starts inserting rogue and predatory terms like this then it tells you they may no longer like affiliates and it warns you that things could get worse.

There are other negative terms that have also appeared including a clause that suggests that they may not migrate your players if they have to swap to a new platform. This again is a huge worry, as you could lose your entire player base even though your referred customers should be for lifetime.

If you ever become VAT registered then it is worth knowing that VAT does not apply for Unibet affiliate commissions anymore as they have now based themselves officially out of Malta rather than the UK. So a UK affiliate would no longer charge VAT to them on all products’ earnings. In fact they are registered in Malta for VAT but the reverse charge (RC) procedure would now apply. However if you are not VAT registered, or are in a jurisdiction outside the scope of European VAT rules, then just ignore this paragraph as VAT does not enter the issue and you don’t need to concern yourself with it.

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Unibet Affiliate Program
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 4 reviews
by Webmaster For Years on Unibet Affiliate Program
Unibet Affiliate Program Scam

Promoted Unibet and their other websites for years. Now they close the affiliate account and steal all the money. Unibet scam.

by Abc on Unibet Affiliate Program

It has been two months since our first clients signed up to Unibet through their affiliate link and we have yet to be paid and zero support.

This is the email of the UK affiliate manager there: Varun.Mathure [at] unibet.comA quick google shows that he does still work there in that role. To be honest, the Unibet affiliate program have always been fairly bad in this regard (responding to emails) but Varun Mathure ought to reply.Unibet do pay us monthly on the dot every time without a problem. It sounds like they need to get your account sorted out, once they do you wont encounter another payment issue judged by our experience.

by Peter on Unibet Affiliate Program

On inspection of the terms and conditions I've noticed there is a negative turnover

"If the revenue from your players is negative in any month it will be carried over to the following month (this is often called negative carryover)."

Thanks for pointing out - some webmasters have managed to negotiate out of this.

by Johann on Unibet Affiliate Program
Unibet Rubbish

I have promoted them a few years. Very poor Netrefer software and a truly bad deal when you look at the smallprint. They pay sporadically and often need chasing up. Very unhappy with them and I can see why there is so much criticism of these muppets. No stars is not an option.